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Open Source AI Agents

AI agents are entities designed to perceive their environment and take actions in order to achieve specific goals. These agents can be software-based or physical entities and are often built using artificial intelligence techniques. They perceive their environment through sensors, process the information using algorithms or models, and then take actions using actuators or other means. - quoted from botpress site

BAYC - Bored Ape Yacht Club is an NFT pfp and gaming collection by Yuga Labs. Here are some useful links for the BAYC ecosystem.

Notable artists that incorporate crypto or NFT into their art work.

Always looking for albums to help me focus and create good vibes while working.

A list of apps that are made for the Vision Pro or work well on the Vision Pro. List has been inspired by Robert Scoble and Ariel from Appfigures

A list of all the LLMs in the market, feel free to add your LLMs here but please include relevant and accurate info

Ordinals are NFTs built on bitcoin. Here is a list of the exciting projects using Ordinal technology to build NFTs on bitcoin.

chatGPT is an artificial intelligence software for answering questions and provides cool libraries for using AI programmatically. Here are some useful resources to learn about chatGPT.

Prompt engineering is one of the newest emerging fields in artificial intelligence tools.

Here are some helpful communities to join about AI or artificial intelligence technologies

Bitcoin Lightning is a payments layer to help Bitcoin process more payments faster.

The flow blockchain by Dapper labs the creator of CryptoKitties and NBA Topshot. Some resources for devs entering the spaces.

Here are some tools that utilize artificial intelligence, feel free to add to this list, and upvote the ones you like